We have a history of getting projects done on time, on budget, and with a smile.

Our story begins and continues with relationships.

GLR Founders Gale Shoup and Roland Peters

GLR Inc. is a family-owned business founded by Gale Shoup and Roland Peters in 1982. Gale and Roland worked in the commercial construction field prior to embarking on the business venture together. Two of the core values that have always been at the forefront of GLR Inc. are relationships and trust. Building on these two core values, GLR Inc. has maintained valued clients for many years.

In recent years Gale and Roland have started integrating their two sons, Heath Peters and Brandon Shoup, into the business.

Although Gale and Roland are very active in the decisions and direction of the company many of the day to day operations and managing have been handed down to the second generation. Heath and Brandon started out as laborers and worked their way into the managing side of the business - they both now have multiple years of experience in all levels of commercial construction.

With the current team structure at GLR Inc., we have been able to maintain and actively pursue new relationships and clients across the US. We continue to expand into new geographical areas.

We look forward to the years ahead of us as we continue to build on what has been our Focus and Foundation from the beginning.